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This quilt is in progress. I plan to use it in our basement studio bedroom. Sashiko is an ancient form of Japanese stitching. Meaning “little stabs,” sashiko was used as a form of reinforcement stitching on points of wear or to repair tears. Usually a running stitch, this technique was traditionally used with white cotton thread on an indigo-blue cloth, which helped develop its distinctive appearance. For additional warmth, two or more layers of cloth were sewn together using this stitching pattern. Sashiko was originally applied to the corners of traditional furoshiki, the wrapping cloths used to carry things. Some of these furoshiki were very large and used to carry heavy or bulky loads. Due to the weight of the loads, the extra stitched support of sashiko was necessary and often combined multiple layers of cloth stitched together for even more support. Drawstring bags, socks and work clothes are other examples of materials that were often adorned with sashiko.