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September, 2011
This is for you if you’re ready to take your art to the next level and realize you would benefit from support in focusing or refocusing on your art business.

Does being an artist and trying to promote your artwork have you feeling alone, frustrated, or unmotivated? Are you procrastinating what could be a great career? Help create a marketing co-op that will motivate you to create and sell your work. Join us if you are committed to the success of other artists.

Megan in Studio

Meet & Brainstorm: We could set up drop-in hours (which I could host at my studio or rotate location) where we discuss  & brainstorm our current marketing challenges. Or I have a free 8 wk course we could follow to help make sure we cover our bases (see below). We could meet weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly. Regularly is key.

Art Reviews, Blogs, and Link Exchanges: Learn how to do art reviews and critiques. Then choose one artist in the group you would like to review. The review would be posted on the Studio 4622 blog and wherever else you would like to publish it.

Trunk Shows and Open Studios: Help each other sell our stuff by doing bi-annual shows together at Studio 4622.

To launch our little co-op, I would like to suggest a free 8-series marketing workshop. I already have the necessary workshop material. Below is the material for the first meeting. The timing is flexible but it is suggested that we meet at least every other week, same time, same place. If we are punctual, our meetings could be as short as half an hour. I have a basement studio in Wallingford (north of Dick’s Hamburgers) where we could meet. Another option is to do a conference call. I think I can call in up to 5 people on my iPhone. I am open to ideas on how to make this work realizing that we are all very busy. If you don’t have time allocated now to doing your art regularly, this will help you. I like to look at as taking baby steps towards an audacious goal.

Artist Marketing_intro.PDF

The co-op is supported by Stanfield Art Associates in Colorado which provides marketing materials for community artists at no charge. You can find more information at

The Things You Might be Trying to Figure Out

Finding a work space

Creating an artist resume

Writing a strong artist statement or the 20 second explanation of what you do

Creating a website

Writing a grant

Applying for funding from corporations or foundations

Writing a project proposal

Creating a budget

Finding an exhibition venue

Approaching small venues with your proposal

Producing your own project at alternative spaces

Submitting your work to juried exhibitions or group shows

Responding to general requests

Managing your time


Creating a mailing list

Writing a press release or article

Archiving your work

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